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Christine’s music can be bought from the following¬†linked retailers:

“Hell Bent Heaven Bound II¬†– Money The Final Frontier”
“Love…”¬†the Rega Album
“Home”¬†Live Album
“Songbird” Album (Mp3 Download)
“Blue Aconite” Album (Mp3 Download)
“The Dark Gift of Time” Album (Mp3 Download)
“Home & Away”¬†– Gregson & Collister (GottDiscs reissue)

“Christine Collister, Dave Kelly & The Travelling Gentlemen – Live”
from The Blues Band Website

“Into The Light”¬†from¬†Topic Records¬†(search for CC under artist A-Z)
“An Equal Love”¬†from¬†Topic Records¬†(search for CC under artist A-Z)
“Daphne’s Flight”¬†from¬†Fledg’ling Records

Also, check out Fledg’ling’s fairly definitive CC discography, up to 2007, by¬†clicking here

More will soon be available from the new StereoScout website which is currently under construction so please check back soon!